Software Engineering

In DCS Engineering activities we offer all steps of a complete automation project and realization:

  • Automation Specification Development

    We can write technical specifications for DCS configurations for any industrial project fixing the customer requests in a clear basic document. We can use our experience to write specifications used for Offer requirement and FAT testing.

  • Software Configuration

    In DCS Configuration activities we follow standard quality procedures, following our usual big customer requirement

  • I/O Database implementation
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Basic automation

    Control software for open and close loop (motors, valves, PID) and safety control, with relevant operator interface, using all standard automation languages: Structured Text, Function Blocks, Ladder Logic, Machine Languages, Sequence Pascal, etc.

  • Graphic interface pages

    Complete development of graphic interface.

  • Sequence control

    Also with batch experience.

  • Serial communication configuration

    With deep experience in Modbus, Spabus, Profibus, Foundation fieldbus etc.