Policy of quality


SMART AUTOMATION’s integrated policy for quality, environment and occupational health is based on its management commitment to deliver services that meet customer requirements in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, without significantly affecting the environment and ensuring health and safety in work, according to the policy defined and assumed by the management.

In order to achieve these goals, the application of the provisions of the integrated management manual is mandatory for all employees, acting consistently to achieve the objectives deriving from this policy, taking into account the risks and opportunities determined and taking into account the life cycle of the products involved in the operation of the processes its.

The management of the company has committed itself to maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45 001:2018, so as to continuously increase the effectiveness of the established processes for the company’s field of activity to reduce pollution and negative impacts on the environment, to improve continuously and to ensure occupational safety and health.

The general objectives of the company in the field of quality, environment, health and occupational safety are oriented in the following directions:
• Increasing the competitiveness of the services provided through employees’ qualification, training and experience as well as their proven competence.
• Ensuring the human, material, informational and infrastructure resources needed to continuously improve system efficiency, improve the work environment, so that compliance with specified requirements is achieved.
• Process management according to the requirements of the benchmarks for achieving and continuously improving performance in the field of quality – environment – health and occupational safety and the effectiveness of the integrated management system.
• Compliance with the organization’s specific compliance obligations applicable to the company’s activities in the field of quality – environment – security and occupational health.
• Prevention of pollution, accidents at work and occupational illnesses.

• Planning and making changes to the integrated management system so as to preserve its integrity.